Choosing a passive role


I really have enjoyed reading Herrick and Mann’s Jesus Wept.  It is another of those books which seems to have leapfrogged the others in the reading pile.  That’s perhaps because of its thoughtfulness – well, that and the fact that it is easier to read than the academic books!

Here is another excerpt:

The role of ‘prophet’ in leadership must never be forgotten.  Nevertheless, if a leader is to follow the example of the self-emptying Christ, there will be occasions when, through prayer, he or she discerns that their role is to be the more passive one of choosing not to act or react but to let things take their course, not rushing into things but discerning the next step and waiting for God’s moment before acting.

Yes, this is a word in season for me: I struggle with this one so much.

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3 thoughts on “Choosing a passive role

  1. Your quote reminds me of Nouwen’s book, In the Name of Jesus. The urgent struggle to move the church (or our own lives) forward and yet take the needed time to discern which direction God is calling us to follow sometimes seem like contradictions. And sometimes – as ulikely as it may seem – to simply sit, like Mary, at the feet of Jesus – while there is food to prepair and dishes to wash – is the way forward. Or as Nouwen, Brother Lawrence,Towzer and many others would say, the way forward is first and foremost the putting at rest all the clamoring voices – even our own – and centering ourselves in the presence of Christ.

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