We must recognize that Jesus himself walked for years with a small band of followers, and they still looked like the B-team when he left this earth.

Halter and Smay in And: The Gathered and Scattered Church.

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2 thoughts on “Disciple-making

  1. I sometimes wonder what leaving the ‘team’ means, does someone become ‘un-saved’ if they can no longer believe in God? Even though there was a point of decision or relationship with Jesus? Obviously, to me, it doesn’t matter so much anymore but I am still intrigued at what the bible, church or just ‘normal’ Christians think about it.
    But I guess that’s just insight into how my strange brain works 😛
    Thanks as always, take care xx

  2. Hey friend, I guess there’s a couple of conclusions you could come to from a close reading of Scripture on this one. This blog’s probably not the place for more detail though I’ll happily point you to resources if you’d like. But I believe the Spirit of God strives with our hearts, whoever we are, on or off ‘the team’, because he longs to draw us nearer.

    I also wonder (because of the translation issues around pistis christou – to get a bit square and Greek geek-like!!) whether faith in Jesus looks a little different than we have sometimes painted it, whether those of us who have trusted him but then are battered by the winds of life to such an extent that even clinging on is hard…maybe, even though we feel we’ve given up on Jesus coming through for us, just maybe for us it will be his faith(fulness) which will sustain us rather than our continuing sense of faith in him. That accords much better with my understanding of grace: that, in the end, he will cover all my failings and lacks…that he is my gap-filling God.

    Love and prayers for you as ever, x

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