A blessing as extravagant as the night is long


if we wrestle with God and walk away with a blessing, the blessing won’t be the only thing that marks us.  There will still be dried blood and unsightly bruises and hips that don’t quite work the way they used to that come from the long night of wrestling.

…And yet there is still the reality of blessing, the promise that lies on the other side – that if you just don’t let go, the blessing will be as extravagant as the night is long, and the bliss as sweet as the night is painful.  It isn’t necessary to win, only not to lose hold of the one with whom we’re wrestling…

If you are in the midst of a long night of wrestling, there are no strategies or steps I could give you to make it end faster.  But strategy is not required – perseverance is.  You wouldn’t remember steps if I gave them to you, not when the night gets really dark and long.  But do remember this much: Don’t stop until the sun is up.  And remember that the reason for the wrestling is not because God is out to kill you, but that He has really wanted to bless you all along.  You don’t have to do anything to earn the blessing – in fact, you can’t; you can’t be strong enough or powerful enough.  You just have to stay in the ring, and the dawn that creeps up when the wrestling is over will take care of the rest.

Beautiful and true from Jonathan Martin’s Prototype.

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