Last day of sabbatical

5642994286_8e8d82cebb_bIt’s so long since I have posted that I hardly know what to say.  Words are backed up, piling on top of one another in their eagerness to get out and blocking all flow of thought.  There is so much to tell in a month where I have not even blogged once.  So much to express about a four and half month sabbatical which ends tonight.  And yet I feel overwhelmed in my attempts to communicate.

So much has changed and I don’t know where to start as I tell you.

And some of it is not yet complete.  The things that I am now assured of in the Spirit which have yet to be worked out in the natural.

So much has changed.  In fact, have changed.  I have changed and I don’t want to go back to the way it was before.  That is my biggest fear now, actually.  That as I return the old rhythms would creep up on me and shape me again into what I was only four months ago.

But I cannot go back to the way it was.  With everything in me, I will fight to hold on to the good which has become mine in the last few months.

This is a post in my sabbatical series.


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