When praying and waiting on God are not the same

Andrew Murray writes this in Waiting on God:


It’s from a compendium of his works which I bought in my Cambridge days.  I bought it then because it represented value for money.  Lots of words, low price.  Which, for a voracious reader on a student budget, is always a good start.

Whilst you may be pleased to know that my reading habits have become a little more discerning in recent years, this particular book is still good value.  I recently rediscovered it and have reconfirmed the belief first espoused in those Cambridge days: if you’ve not read any Andrew Murray, then you are missing out!

Take this excerpt, for example.  How often do we pray out of our preoccupation with our own needs and those of others?  How often do we pray because we need God?  How often do we measure the value of our prayer by the prayers which we pray, the efforts made in presenting them?

How often is my prayer about something which I do?

And how often is it about the other thing?

The thing which is more disposition than effort.  The thing where it’s all about becoming still enough before him that my heart becomes present to him.  Waiting before I speak.  Letting him overshadow me until my prayers are a participation in the prayers which his Spirit is already praying through me.  Quieting my heart until I can join with the prayers which the Son prays right now to the Father on my behalf and on behalf of those around me.

How often is it about that thing where prayer is waiting on God?  And what will it take for this overshadowing, that he might release heaven to me and through me?


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