Let your vocation be found in desiring

Since you are not yet able to see God, let your vocation be found in desiring.  The whole life of the good Christian is holy yearning.  You long for what you do not yet see, but by longing you are made spacious in order that when he who you are to see comes, you may be fulfilled.  Just as if you should wish to fill some pouch knowing how big a thing will be put into it; thus you will stretch the pouch whether it is of burlap, leather, or some other material.  You know the size of the thing you will put into the pouch and see that the pouch is narrow.  By stretching, you make it more spacious.  Thus God by delaying stretches desire; by desire stretches the soul, by stretching makes it spacious.  Brothers, let us long therefore because we are going to be fulfilled.

Augustine, IoEp IV.6.

This.  Yes, this.

That my vocation would be found in desiring.  That my yearning for him which descends deeper into my soul than words can tell, that in the end this would be the whole and not only part.

That in my longing I would be made spacious, ready to receive his life, even as the pregnant woman is enlarged by her waiting and grows more joyful in her expectancy.  That he would enlarge the boundaries of my soul like pouch of burlap, leather or other material.  That in my desire for Christ God might stretch my soul into the kind of spaciousness that he will then delight to fill with the Spirit who is very God himself.

This and this alone my inheritance.


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