Reading resonances

At present, I am simply in survival mode.  Pressures both expected and unexpected have, in the last three weeks, conspired to make it all I can do to stay on track with the bare minimum of the working and living tasks which can’t be avoided.  So if you’ve found me reclusive lately, that’s why.

Like any good introvert though, I am reading as much as I can.  Sometimes the reading is so that I can stay ahead of my classes.  After all, I rather suspect that it’s plain rude if I set them pre-class reading and don’t get up to speed again with it myself!  Some of this reading is for research.  I am trying to reverse the flow of one of my drafted chapters so that instead of the material being in control in me, I am in control of the material.  That takes reading and re-reading.

But the best of my reading lately has been the reading of choice.  Reading which God has been using to confirm things he’s been saying.  Reading which is leading me to begin inhabiting new realities.  As I’ve indulged in these books, there have been excerpts which have resonated for me.  Here are some of them which perhaps you might enjoy too:

The one who prays cannot be too careful of the heart’s desires, for the Lord loves to honour them.

Leanne Payne, Heaven’s Calling: A Memoir of One Soul’s Steep Ascent

The glory of the Lord can sometimes feel like a heavy weight, and that very weight is a gift.  It helps us sink low into the deep places and stay there without strain.  Without the heavy glory of the Lord upon us, we cannot find the lowest place.

Heidi Baker, Birthing the Miraculous

…strive to live always in silence and hope…

Teresa of Avila, The Interior Castle

Love’s body, the Church, seems constantly to die from the sheer impossibility of the demands the head puts upon it – and then to find fresh embodiment in perhaps the same, perhaps another group of people, who try to follow Christ, the incarnation of a total love.

Alastair V. Campbell, Moderated Love


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