Dismantle all my defences

Dismantle all my defences, Lord.

This, the cry of my heart.  Dismantle them, one by one.  All that holds me back from deeper union with you.

Too long what is most true of me has been hidden, defended.  And though I seek now to remove the fences, to let you see what you have always seen, yet my heart contends against you.  Even as I fight to bring my soul unguarded to you, so also it wrestles to remain where it has been for so long.  And so I cry it, Lord: dismantle all my defences.  Dismantle them one by one or sweep all your waves and breakers over me.  Whatever you choose.  For the deep of me knows that I have no good apart from you.  That, with you as my chosen portion and my cup, the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places and indeed I have a beautiful inheritance.

So come, Lord Jesus.  Come in your gentle fury that shakes the desert, flashes forth flames of fire, yet does not break the bruised reed nor quench the faintly burning wick.  Come, Lord, and dismantle all my defences.


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6 thoughts on “Dismantle all my defences

      • Oh, thank you. Just had a listen.
        So many recurring themes…
        Just last week I booked myself on to a one day conference by Living Waters, down in Balham in a few weeks time – ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’… All related to the words of that beautiful song. Thanks for sharing. I think I will have to put that album on the wish-list 🙂

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