Discipline of joy


Fridays are for joy.  Once upon a time I knew this.

I knew this and I practised it.  A discipline of joy.  And then I forgot it.  Or, at least, I pretended that Saturdays would do just as well, busy though they are with jobs and people and commitments.  And somehow these Saturdays started to become a day for working too.  So then I pretended that half of Saturday plus the useless half of Sunday equalled Sabbath.

Until this summer.  That was when I realised I wouldn’t make it through this autumn without Fridays for joy.

The capacity to see God working in our place in creation  (our workplace) and to respond in resurrection wonder requires detachment from the workplace.  How do we cultivate such detachment?  Here it is again: Keep Sabbath.

Eugene H. Peterson, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places

Over the last two months I have nearly lost my detachment from my workplace, from my church, from my doctoral writing.  In the first six days I have often felt blinded to God working in my place in creation.  Resurrection wonder has honestly been far from my heart.

But Fridays for joy have called me back again and again to remind me who, and whose, I am.  I’ve eaten far more cake in cafes than is good for my waistline, I’ve made cappuccinos last for hours, I’ve read trash, I’ve blogged, I’ve slept long and well.  And resurrection wonder has inched its way into my heart.

Do you have a day for joy?

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