Grace of the real


In his own time and way.  That’s his style.

The real discloses itself, in its own time and way.  And when it does, it is grace.

Esther Lightcap Meek, Loving to Know.

I saw it again the other week, this disclosing of itself by the real.  Reality unfolded in act of grace.  A deadline I was working towards.  Had been, in fact, since mid-January when I had arbitrarily picked a date in May by which I would do this thing.

Reasonably achievable, I thought.  Achievable, yes.  Reasonable, not so much.

But his time and way.  It was that, certainly.

You see, as deadline loomed close and as I leaned in closer, he whispered revelation.

Of your own have we given you, declared David.  Declared it in wonder and awe, knowing that all things first come from him.  And I was seeing it in my own story.  That what I was giving him on that date in May was from what he had first given me.

Yet the unfolding which was the revelation-secret whispered to my heart, it was this which took my breath away.  That what I was giving back to him on 7 May 2016 had first been given on 7 May 2012.

No planning could have made it so.  No human effort.

The real had disclosed itself, in its own time and way.  And when it did, it was grace.


Photo credit (a photo which makes sense in the wider context not shared here!)


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