My words for you alone

Oh, how I wish you would submit to my boxes.

And how I delight that you sidestep them so sweetly.  With a smile which is a cross between mischievous and pleased with yourself.

The person contemplating can have no control over the other…  If the other is a person, then all we can do is ask him…to reveal [himself]…and wait for that to happen.

Barry/Connolly, The Practice of Spiritual Direction

You are entitled, of course.  To be pleased with yourself, I mean.  For it is on your own terms that I will meet you.  On your own terms, or no terms at all.

And I hear that call:

        O you who dwell in the gardens,
                with companions listening for your voice;
                let me hear it.

I hear that call and I choose to direct my voice to you only.  An expression of worship, that my words should be yours alone.

I held silence.

Or perhaps it held me.

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