In the endless pages of posts which follow,
here are some of my favourites…!

The Art of Steering

Falling out of love with the church (September 2013)
Dare a pastor say this?

In pursuit of an un-busy heart (August 2013)
What if the point is not avoiding the busy but learning to quiet my heart in its midst?

Having wasted my twenties (July 2013)
Having wasted my twenties on the church, will I also waste my thirties on her too?

One year is never enough (May 2013)
What happens when a community treats ministerial formation as prophetic vulnerability

Steeped in the grace of Christ (March 2013)
When grace means eight years of hard

Flash-mob community  (January 2013)
More counter-cultural than we think?

Leading as a professional  (January 2013)

Broken glory?  (November 2012)
Is this always his way, broken glory?

It formed me so deeply  (October 2012)
Remembering the worship of my university days

Building the church or making disciples  (October 2012)
This one is my most popular post ever in terms of number of views and number of shares

Still learning…  (September 2012)
I write often about being an introvert in a world which seems to demand extroversion and this is one of those posts!

The (more or less) half-year review post  (August 2012)
I have this post pinned up on my research desk as a reminder about what is important

How to choose out of all the possible knowledge in the world  (July 2012)
When it’s not enough to be just academic or just practitioner

Coming to the end  (July 2012)
This is the last in a four post series about my fight against depression

Losing the right battle (April 2012)

Platform for ministry (March 2012)
When ministry gets messed up

The book problem (October 2011)
Yes, I have a book problem.  They are EVERYWHERE in my house.

The introvert pastor – oxymoron? (September 2011)
More about being an introvert!

Water-walking again!  (July 2011)
This is the story of how I started on the journey to where I am now

Wisdom as mission?  (November 2010)
One of my more academic efforts

Inherently unstable forms of church (August 2010)
This is the only kind of church I know!


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