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The rope has been cut

The rope has been cut

The rope has been cut. Without great fanfare, the boat drifts from the pier.  No outboard motor.  No sail.  Just the pull of the currents, the eddying water. No one there to wave the boat off.  No one to journey through.  Just the boat and its occupants.  So much left behind in this wager, a wager which might … Continue reading

A cushion in the bottom of the boat

A cushion in the bottom of the boat

A wet night on the lake.  Everything is out of control.  And I chose to be here. The wind is high, the boat filling with water.  All around me, the disciples are panicking.  They are running around, trying to fix it.  And I’m watching them, but really I’m watching you.  You, there, in the bottom … Continue reading

And so to the water again

And so to the water again

And so to the water again. Four weeks of beautiful emptiness, an unopened diary and no cares.  Four weeks of book after book after book.  Four weeks of no diary reminders popping up on my phone, eating too much and just being.  Four weeks of sunshine?  Well, no…this is England, after all! Four weeks of … Continue reading

Writings from the water

Well, here I am, having done not only this research induction but also one week at my research desk.  (One week being, in real terms, two days because I am part-time everything and full-time nothing!) The water-walking has begun in earnest and it has been a strange week.  The worst day, without doubt, was Tuesday. … Continue reading

Do I get a wetsuit?

The second of my recent posts about water-walking has been playing round and round my head lately.  I know that my latest step out of the boat is not something that I can do without God.  If he’s not in it, I will sink.  But most of the time when I am thinking about this … Continue reading

Water-walking part II

Here is a powerful question…to help me know whether I am getting out of the boat in any area of my life: What am I doing that I could not do apart from the power of God? John Ortberg, If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat Good … Continue reading

Water-walking again!

I will always remember the public library in Mayfair with fondness.  This was my refuge in the final couple of years of my lawyer days.  When I couldn’t face staying at my desk to eat my lunch, I would go outside of the office to some nearby town gardens to sit with my sandwich before … Continue reading

Called to stay?

It’s funny, isn’t it, how eventually some mature Christians leave one church and move to another in their locality.  They are not moving because they have relocated for work or other reasons.  In fact, they still live where they always did.  It’s just their church home that they moved. Sometimes I ask what is at … Continue reading