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Courage to allow the church to suffer

The church needs pastors who lead the church in repentance with love.  The church needs pastoral leadership that refuses to take the shortcuts and has the courage to allow the church to suffer so that the whole church can be a parable of Jesus. David Hansen in The Art of Pastoring: Ministry without all the answers. … Continue reading

Female beauty

Just a brief and rather random thought from me today… I’ve read the NT a lot, I guess, so I don’t really expect to see words appearing in the middle of verses as if for the first time.  Yet that’s what has happened for me in 1 Peter 3:6! Peter is talking about what constitutes … Continue reading

The form of every virtue at the testing point

A long title for this post, I know.  But it’s half of one of those quotable quotes which sticks with me. Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point.  (C.S. Lewis) It’s something Phil Pringle writes about in his book ‘You The Leader’.  I have to … Continue reading