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Discipline of joy

Discipline of joy

Fridays are for joy.  Once upon a time I knew this. I knew this and I practised it.  A discipline of joy.  And then I forgot it.  Or, at least, I pretended that Saturdays would do just as well, busy though they are with jobs and people and commitments.  And somehow these Saturdays started to become a day … Continue reading

Inexorable enlargement

Inexorable enlargement

We all know people who spend a lifetime at the same job, or the same marriage, or the same profession, who are slowly, inexorably diminished in the process.  They are persistent in the sense that they keep doing the same thing for many years, but we don’t particularly admire them for it.  If anything we … Continue reading

Running with the horses

Running with the horses

Somehow November was a long month of recovering from too much output earlier in the autumn.  Rather than writing new things and preaching lots of sermons, I’ve spent most of my time editing words, preparing Greek classes (for which read: re-educating myself about the intricacies of the grammar!) and also finishing books which had been … Continue reading

The creative best

Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life. Galatians 6:4-5 (TM) I’ve just done a … Continue reading

Edging into a mystery

The following excerpt made it into my journal last month and I remembered it again this week.  It is Eugene Peterson in his memoir, The Pastor, talking about writing as conversation, rather than as a way of ‘passing on information or feelings’.  He notes that: It was a way of writing that involved a good deal … Continue reading

A kind of fierce vigilance

I don’t love the rampant consumerism that treats God as a product to be marketed…I don’t love the competitive spirit that treats others as rivals and even as enemies.  The cultural conditions in which I am immersed require, at least for me, a kind of fierce vigilance to guard my vocation from these cultural pollutants … Continue reading

Becoming a pastor who is not in a hurry

Here’s something which has given me a lot of pause for thought in the last few days: I was in the process of coming to terms with my congregation as they were: their less-than-developed emotional life, their lack of intellectual curiosity, their complacent acceptance of a world of consumption and diversion, their seemingly peripheral interest … Continue reading


Eugene Peterson’s The Pastor again in a reflection upon the role of story in pastoral leadership… …congregation is a place of stories.  The stories of Jesus, to be sure.  But also the stories of men and women…  It is never just my story; it is a community of stories.  I learn my story in company with … Continue reading

A new read – add it to your list!

My ‘work’ assignment was to pay more attention to what God does than what I do, and to find, and guide others to find, the daily, weekly, yearly rhythms that would get this awareness into our bones.  Holy Saturday for a start.  And then Sabbath keeping.  Staying in touch with people in despair, knowing them … Continue reading