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Bounded, centred or just plain fuzzy?

Bounded, centred or just plain fuzzy?

Sometimes it takes years to write a blog post.  This is one of those. And I suspect, irritatingly, that it is not even going to be that good! But I have waited long enough to write, long enough to hope to do justice to this concept.  And now I need just to write, to explore … Continue reading

Pentecost community?

The Pentecost version of community exists for mission, not for itself. Mark Driscoll, Confessions of a Reformission Rev. This resonates with me a lot right now because we have spent the last couple of months as a leadership team defining what we think God would have us prioritise for 2011.  Our number one priority is … Continue reading

Called to stay?

It’s funny, isn’t it, how eventually some mature Christians leave one church and move to another in their locality.  They are not moving because they have relocated for work or other reasons.  In fact, they still live where they always did.  It’s just their church home that they moved. Sometimes I ask what is at … Continue reading

Wisdom as mission?

These thoughts are unfinished.  In fact, I’ve only published this post because I am feeling brave today.  What you have here are only seeds which will perhaps one day flower in my thinking.  So feel free to comment and, when you do, please be gentle! So much of Jewish theology (at least as we have … Continue reading

A soul shaped by mission

MacDonald describes a corporate organisation where ALL the employees – even the postroom guys – could repeat verbatim the company mission statement.  It brought him to realise the power of every member of an organisation understanding ‘in the most simple terms why it opens its doors each day, what is supposed to happen, and how … Continue reading