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Dreaming new maps

Dreaming new maps

The week before this was quite a good week for finishing books.  I like weeks like that, mostly because it frees up more space on my shelf of half-read books!  (For those who like my updates in the book saga, there’s a photo here; as you will see, I’ve put those classy new Argos shelves … Continue reading

What do you see when you look at me?

In their book ‘Untamed’, Hirsch and Hirsch (great husband and wife team!) describe two contrasting perspectives to which Christians might, in their missional practice, subscribe.  Now, we are not talking about what those Christians might say is true theologically but what their practices betray about their beliefs. The two sets of assumptions are that: everyone is … Continue reading

Discipling for everyone

Do you think we should be looking to disciple everyone in our network of relationships or just Christians? I think we go for everyone…wouldn’t it be great if we had multitudes of people who were ‘growing and becoming more and more like Jesus’ (Hirsch, Untamed)? I’ve seen this in practice at church.  We tend to … Continue reading

The irreducible minimum

Persecution drives the persecuted to live very close to their message – they simply cling to the gospel of Jesus and thus unlock its liberating power…it enables them to distil the essence of the message and thus access it in a new way….they also have to jettison all unnecessary impediments, including that of a predominantly … Continue reading

Reseeding the church

I’m halfway through yet another book. Sometimes I think that reference of Ortberg’s to half-read books everywhere (see my hurrysickness post) was written to describe my house!  I don’t even know how my husband can bear the fact that in virtually every room there is a book propped open.  I claim to be reading them all.  … Continue reading

Lazy leadership…?

 I’m not getting through Roxburgh and Romanuk’s ‘The missional leader’ very fast at all here.  That’s mostly because I could blog something from every page they write nearly!  Here’s another thought… Beginning with the lived experience, a congregation cultivates its participation in the emergence of the missional imagination.  Participation does not mean involvement in something already … Continue reading

Experimental community through books

In my blog about inherently unstable forms of church, I mentioned my other experiment on the edge of church, which was prompted by my reading of Roxburgh and Romanuk’s ‘The missional leader’.  This book club experiment is showing signs of being quite interesting.  It has brought a couple of people out of the woodwork.  The … Continue reading

Re-entering the biblical narrative

Roxburgh and Romanuk talk in their missional leadership book about the need to invite congregations ‘into a journey of reentering and rehearing the biblical narrative and its implications for being God’s missionary people in their own situation.’ These guys have got me thinking again.  What would this look like on the ground in London? So I’m … Continue reading

Inherently unstable forms of church

I’m reading ‘The missional leader’ by Roxburgh and Romanuk, albeit painfully slowly.  Something I’ve just read has triggered a response from me.  On p.60, they say: ‘adaptive change happens by cultivating emergent zone culture.  This involves the ability to create multiple experiments around the edge and then connect them with one another to form a co-learning … Continue reading