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Slicing through the tether

Slicing through the tether

Another nine days and then I venture into what is, for me, the unknown.  Just over four months of sabbatical.  Five days of guided silent retreat.  A technology fast. I’m excited and scared.  About all of it but, in some ways, especially about the technology bit.  I tried to explain that to someone this week … Continue reading

Rhythms for the art of steering

Rhythms for the art of steering

I’ve had an increasing longing for stillness and solitude lately.  Well, that’s how my coach prefers me to describe it.  My exact words were more along the lines of longing to act like a hermit that doesn’t talk and just doesn’t do people. I suppose I can see how his turn of phrase is a … Continue reading

Does disciple-making have a future?

Does disciple-making have a future?

I’m over at Provoketive this week with this post (a version of which some may have read before). Spiritual disciplines are activities in our power that we engage in to enable us to do what we cannot do by direct effort. Dallas Willard in The Great Omission. There is something so true about this statement.  Spiritual … Continue reading

If…my words abide in you

I really like the weekly college chapel service. It may be something to do with it being a service where I don’t have to sing, lead the service or preach.  Though, in ten days’ time, I will actually be preaching there and, in the past, I have been known to lead the service a couple … Continue reading

The joy dare

I haven’t featured any bloggers recently because I have been reading so many books.  Also, I had been finding that keeping on top of people’s blogs is very time-consuming and, if you get posts e-mailed to your inbox, it really clogs up your inbox!  That had put me off for the last few months. But then … Continue reading

Not so lost in 2011!

I started this year feeling pretty lost in 2011.  With only twenty goals on the conservative version of the list(!), I wasn’t really sure which way to turn.  I was believing God for a year of new opportunities as I finished off my MA dissertation and turned my eyes to consider what God might have … Continue reading

Edging into a mystery

The following excerpt made it into my journal last month and I remembered it again this week.  It is Eugene Peterson in his memoir, The Pastor, talking about writing as conversation, rather than as a way of ‘passing on information or feelings’.  He notes that: It was a way of writing that involved a good deal … Continue reading

The preciousness of Fridays

I love Fridays.  They are my variation on Sabbath.  They are an ocean of peace in an otherwise fraught week full of tasks and people. Now don’t get me wrong, I love people and I am more of a task person than quite possibly anyone else I know.  People and task are good!  But Fridays … Continue reading

(Nearly) half-year review

Quoting myself into silence was a post from just under five months ago where I set out practices which I intended to implement in order to focus on intentional growth this year.  Self-reviews, especially on things like this, can be good so I thought I might do one! Here is what I committed to exploring: CREATING … Continue reading

Rhythms of absence and presence

The problem with reading lots of books at once is that sometimes you can have a great thought and you know it came from someone but you cannot for the life of you remember which particular author it was this time.  That is my problem today. The thought relates to how we receive telephone calls … Continue reading