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It is time

It is time

It is time for silence to do its work. I knew that it would be so.  That for too many months I have been running at a pace which would be arrested by only one thing.  And so I planned it, weeks ago, when I knew that this moment would come.  Two days and two nights … Continue reading

When the W.I. gets theological…

When the W.I. gets theological…

Once a month or so, a handful of girls gathers in an office to read 5000 words and eat cake and drink coffee.  We usually find that a couple of the men from along the corridor manage to time their appearances at the door just right.  Ostensibly, they come to make fun of us for … Continue reading

Creativity in pastoral care

Creativity in pastoral care

From Alastair Campbell in Paid to Care?: Creativity in pastoral care requires more than merely being a back-up or ancillary service to the ‘real’ professionals.  It entails offering something new, something which may be sparked by the friction which a theological understanding of human nature offers. And that’s why an immersion in theology is the best … Continue reading

A slow journey from cluelessness

I’ve been reflecting a bit lately on the nature of leadership in the church.  I feel hopelessly clueless about this most of the time, actually. Perhaps it’s because I fell abruptly into senior leadership of a church long before I ever expected.  Perhaps it’s because, other than some great mentoring early on as I developed … Continue reading

Fridays are for joy

Fridays are for joy. They are for learning to live life in the slow lane. For exploring what it feels like to have a blank diary page once a week. For being able to spend time just sitting with God, not feeling like there is something else that I should be doing. For writing and … Continue reading


LML. From the land of texting and Facebook statuses, yet another acronym.  This time courtesy of my soon-to-be 13 year old brother. To my delight, one of his friends had to comment on said status, asking what LML stands for.  So I’m not totally uncool for not knowing. But it means LoveMyLife. I felt a … Continue reading

A need to write

Today I just needed to write something.  It won’t be a long piece because I am half-brain dead, it seems, after nearly ten hours at college!  But it feels like it has been too long since I blogged; I have been building up so much that I want to reflect upon, to react to, to … Continue reading

Yes and Amen

This is a picture of the shelf above my research desk.  You might think it a bit random but I can tell you that this sign is a great encouragement to me! In case the poor quality of the camera on my mobile phone is hindering your ability to read the inscription, this is what … Continue reading

The book problem

I’ve posted about this before.  In fact, there is a series of posts from me on the subject because I have this problem with books.  It’s a bit like a child who overloads their plate with food at a party.  They promptly take a bite from every item before feeling overfaced by the quantity of … Continue reading