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Experiment updates

I had been meaning to blog for a while about my experiment in learning Colossians.  I just never got round to it really. I suppose it’s because the last few weeks have been fairly intense as I’ve engaged in the Other Experiment.  The one where I try to start believing God’s Word about my drivenness. … Continue reading

If…my words abide in you

I really like the weekly college chapel service. It may be something to do with it being a service where I don’t have to sing, lead the service or preach.  Though, in ten days’ time, I will actually be preaching there and, in the past, I have been known to lead the service a couple … Continue reading

Impromptu experiment in joy

Reading Mike Mason’s account of his ninety day experiment in ‘rediscovering God’s gift of joy’ (the book’s subtitle) has meant that a lot of my posts lately have been tagged ‘joy’.  I like that about my blog right now. Reflecting on joy, tasting it, entering into it, grappling with maintaining it when circumstances seem adverse…these … Continue reading

Getting munched (Luke 10 still!)

This Luke 10 experiment is kind of interesting.  If you’ve only recently started to follow my blog, look for the post entitled ‘Re-entering the Biblical narrative – for real’ and that’ll give you some background to the experiment. I’m still going with the experiment.  I’m finding that the beauty of reading and rereading a text … Continue reading

Lazy leadership…?

 I’m not getting through Roxburgh and Romanuk’s ‘The missional leader’ very fast at all here.  That’s mostly because I could blog something from every page they write nearly!  Here’s another thought… Beginning with the lived experience, a congregation cultivates its participation in the emergence of the missional imagination.  Participation does not mean involvement in something already … Continue reading

Luke 10:1-12…still living in this text!

I’m still there.  It feels like months in this text but is probably not even two weeks!  But things are changing a little. As I read it again, I’m no longer reading it in the same way.  My historico-critical faculty is dulled (which. on some occasions and for some purposes, may well be good).  Instead, … Continue reading

Joyfulness as holiness

I’m reading Ortberg’s ‘The Life You’ve Always Wanted’ (amongst other things).  This one I am reading because we’re reading it in the church book club session next time.  I’ve read it before but it’s good to go over it.  Here’s a gem from this morning’s reading, a quotation from Chesterton: children…want things repeated and unchanged.  … Continue reading

Experimental community through books

In my blog about inherently unstable forms of church, I mentioned my other experiment on the edge of church, which was prompted by my reading of Roxburgh and Romanuk’s ‘The missional leader’.  This book club experiment is showing signs of being quite interesting.  It has brought a couple of people out of the woodwork.  The … Continue reading

Inherently unstable forms of church

I’m reading ‘The missional leader’ by Roxburgh and Romanuk, albeit painfully slowly.  Something I’ve just read has triggered a response from me.  On p.60, they say: ‘adaptive change happens by cultivating emergent zone culture.  This involves the ability to create multiple experiments around the edge and then connect them with one another to form a co-learning … Continue reading