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Better than my mind

Better than my mind

Listen to John Ortberg’s words from this article about Dallas Willard after he died last week: Dallas had a remarkable mind… But his life and his heart were better than his mind. Wow. I pray that I will live in such a way that one day the same might be said about me: that my life and … Continue reading

Against hope, in hope

One day earlier this week was another difficult day in a series of difficult days where it has felt like God might be on extended vacation.  (In the sun somewhere, no doubt; I can’t see him holidaying in London with all this rain!) That morning, the endless rain mirrored my mood.  In fact, it was … Continue reading

Do I get a wetsuit?

The second of my recent posts about water-walking has been playing round and round my head lately.  I know that my latest step out of the boat is not something that I can do without God.  If he’s not in it, I will sink.  But most of the time when I am thinking about this … Continue reading

Water-walking part II

Here is a powerful question…to help me know whether I am getting out of the boat in any area of my life: What am I doing that I could not do apart from the power of God? John Ortberg, If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat Good … Continue reading

Water-walking again!

I will always remember the public library in Mayfair with fondness.  This was my refuge in the final couple of years of my lawyer days.  When I couldn’t face staying at my desk to eat my lunch, I would go outside of the office to some nearby town gardens to sit with my sandwich before … Continue reading

Being the star of our own show

Henri Nouwen, a priest and teacher who moved in the exalted circles of Harvard and Yale and Notre Dame, came to believe that those settings did not – for him – call forth the person God intended him to be.  So this famous writer spent the last decade of his life caring for physically and mentally … Continue reading

The unfashionable art of memorisation

Memorising Scripture is one of the most powerful means of transforming our minds…  And if you are concerned that you have a memory like a steel sieve, don’t be.  What matters is not how many words we memorise, but what happens to our minds when we immerse them in Scripture. Hmm, thank you John Ortberg … Continue reading


In his book, ‘When the Game is Over It All Goes Back in the Box’, Ortberg describes four categories of regret that are most common to those who reach the end of their lives. I would have loved more deeply. I would have laughed more often. I would have given more generously. I would have … Continue reading

Are you hurrysick?

I like this word.  A lot.  It is a word which means what it says.  I don’t know who coined it but Ortberg uses it in ‘The Life You’ve Always Wanted’.  It describes the drive within us relentlessly to pursue more and more – more success, more things crammed into less time.  We have fallen victim to … Continue reading

Joyfulness as holiness

I’m reading Ortberg’s ‘The Life You’ve Always Wanted’ (amongst other things).  This one I am reading because we’re reading it in the church book club session next time.  I’ve read it before but it’s good to go over it.  Here’s a gem from this morning’s reading, a quotation from Chesterton: children…want things repeated and unchanged.  … Continue reading