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A blade of grass

A blade of grass

What if I were just a blade of grass? Humour me here. What if I were just a blade of grass rising out from the soil and all I had to do was bask in the sunshine?  What if, as Murray says over and over in Waiting on God, this were what it is to wait on God, … Continue reading

Risking wild grace

Risking wild grace

I see a little girl, dwarfed by the gift box which she is carrying.  Barely able to get her arms around enough of it that she will not drop it.  Unable to see round the corners of this trust which she is holding so tightly, and staggering slightly as she embraces its enormity. That little girl is … Continue reading

The (more or less) half-year review post

The (more or less) half-year review post

I find it helpful to take time out over the summer to review my year so far in the light of the recalibration I always try to make space for during each New Year period.  Perhaps this half-year review is the throwback to days when my years ran from September to August; perhaps it is … Continue reading

Doing it wrong

We grow spiritually much more by doing it wrong than by doing it right. Richard Rohr in Falling Upward. Hmm, that fits well with a fear of failure…not! But I think this is going to be a helpful book for me personally, though I get the feeling that I may have a higher view of … Continue reading

Time off!

Just over a week ago, I listed what had to be done in the three weeks following.  Since I was – and am! – planning to have time off between Christmas and New Year, I’ve recognised that everything else will have to go quiet for a couple of weeks.  That includes my blog! But as … Continue reading

Finding rest

We must come to realise this: created things are nothing, and we must turn aside from them to love and have our God who is not made.  This is the only reason why we are not fully at ease in heart and soul: that we look to find our true rest in these things that … Continue reading

The preciousness of Fridays

I love Fridays.  They are my variation on Sabbath.  They are an ocean of peace in an otherwise fraught week full of tasks and people. Now don’t get me wrong, I love people and I am more of a task person than quite possibly anyone else I know.  People and task are good!  But Fridays … Continue reading

Resting the mind

Sorry if you are hoping to hear about something else…I am actually having a Ruth Haley Barton fest over the last few weeks and it seems set to continue for a little while yet! This quotation comes from ‘Invitation to Solitude and Silence’.  For me, it’s one of those statements which, when you read them, … Continue reading

Revelation and rest

I had an amazing day yesterday at a session run by The Father’s House Trust. I went because it was free.  Oh yes, I still have a student mindset! I also went because if anyone is offering ministry where I don’t have to lead worship, lead the service, preach or otherwise look responsible, then I … Continue reading

Our greatest beauty, our greatest shadow

Today, I admit, was a very pathetic attempt at a day off. I don’t know what is wrong with me.  Well, apart from drivenness, Type A personality and general hurrysickness of course!  I believe passionately in honouring the principle of Sabbath rhythms in my life.  But my practice is so far from my theology. Today … Continue reading